I have always been committed to finding balance in my life, no matter the obstacles, and to helping others achieve the same. Slowing down, coming inside with our breath, learning how to truly relax and listen to the intuitive body; these are the key elements of healing.

From there we rediscover the joy of movement, find how we want to engage in life, and decide how best to relate to others.

Relaxation is the starting point. Care to join me?

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I have started doing the mp3s with some regularity and I don’t know exactly what’s happening or why, but there’s a big opening that feels directly related to the breathing and the exercises. It certainly brings me to a very open and present place, but more than that, it feels like it has a kind of staying-power, like something really deep and important and abiding is happening. It almost feels like a practice…in some ways more powerful than my daily sitting.Deb Tullman, Documentary Filmmaker
Allison is a healer in the most pure sense of the word. She is sensitive, intuitive and wise. Her knowledge of the body—its physical structure, dynamic energies and delicate physiological balance—is unparalleled. I have recommended her to a wide circle of friends and colleagues. Over the years, she continues to be universally loved and respected, and always gets rave reviews. For me personally, Allison’s skilled hands and vast heart have helped me become more whole and integrated in powerful and astonishing ways.Pam Weiss, Founder, Appropriate Response
Allison’s work has transformed my life.  Through her extensive knowledge of the anatomy and acute intuition, she has literally re-trained my body.  I now breathe in a whole new way, have much better digestion, and a whole lot more energy.  I can’t thank her enough for the gift of health and quality of life.Greg Hicks, Co-author, How We Choose to Be Happy
Allison masterfully combines deep understanding of the human body/mind with an extraordinarily kind and loving presence to bring balance, health and renewal to those of us who feel stressed in our everyday life. Visiting her over the years has brought me amazing levels of relaxation, self-knowledge and healing.  Allison is a supportive friend who’s warmth and welcoming blesses everyone.James Flaherty, Founder, New Ventures West Integral Coaching
The students who’ve studied with Allison over the years beautifully reflect her excellence as a teacher. There’s an outstanding quality about them, which I believe to be a direct reflection of her work.  I highly recommend Allison as a practitioner and as someone who can distill the essence of a training, enrich it by her own considerable experience, and convey it in an exceptionally articulate way.Helen Crozier, Craniosacral Therapist
I am so grateful to have found this amazing book.  Its deep wisdom and loving guidance have helped me to journey deep inside.  This work is showing me the way home, and empowering me to know I have access to that inner source of transformation at any time.  I’m the one I’ve been waiting for!Vivienne Verdon-Roe, Ph.D. (hon.) Academy Award winning film maker.