About Allison

Allison Post is a leading practitioner and educator in the field of healing and self care. She has helped thousands of people with chronic illness, digestive discomfort, and physical challenges. Her clients and students have found tremendous support during the many transitions through: Giving birth, chronic stress, menopause, aging, grief and loss, and trauma arising from injury, surgery, and personal crisis.

Allison offers many different skills to help restore the body to its natural state of health. She is known for her depth of listening, exceptional perceptive abilities, and her warm and loving nature.

She was born in New York City and spent much of her youth involved in music, dance, and theatre arts. In 1976, as a result of a prolonged illness, she began practicing yoga and meditation and exploring alternatives to western medicine.  She has devoted her life to studying and teaching many healing, breath, meditation, and movement traditions from India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Europe, and the United States.

Allison met her husband and business partner Stephen Cavaliere in 1984. Together they helped open Miraval, Life in Balance, near Tucson, Arizona, now one of the top spas in the world. There, they created the Asian Bodywork Department with special focus on the belly and thai yoga movement practice. While at Miraval, Allison and Stephen were inspired to write Unwinding the Belly to provide an accessible introduction to the essence of breathing and self-healing.

Allison and Stephen continue to work in private practice, lead workshops and develop online programs that support the general public in the Joy of Embodiment.