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Portrait Photographs by John L. Hall

Nature Photographs by Monica Passin

Audio artwork by Stephen Cavaliere and Teena Jo Neal

All Audio written and produced by Stephen Cavaliere and Allison Post

Recorded by Wolf Wein at Wolf Track Audio
Music by Wolf Wein

Copyright © 2011 to 2014 Stephen Cavaliere and Allison Post.
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Skills of Embodiment 1: Breathing Feeling Healing
A Progressive Set of Relaxation Techniques with Allison Post


Belly Breathing
Working the Navel, Skin, and Lymph
Lateral Breathing
Connecting to the Large Intestine
Expanded Lateral Breathing
Stimulating the Digestive Organs
Three-Dimensional Breathing
Integrating the Back
Connected Breathing
Intercostals and Lower Abdomen
Optional Standing Practice

Running Time: 96 Minutes

Disclaimer: The content on the recordings and on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your health care professional.

Contraindications: Do not perform the techniques contained in this recording if you are suffering from an infection or fever. If you feel ill, please contact your primary care physician.


Skills of Embodiment 2: Relax Relax Relax
Three Body Explorations with Allison Post

Pause and Rest
Becoming Three-Dimensional
Skin and Fluid

Running Time: 68 minutes


Skills of Embodiment 3: Finding Midline
Discovering Inherent Health and Well Being
with Allison Post

Exploring Your Lower Body
Exploring Your Torso
Exploring Your Neck and Head
Finding Midline

Running Time:  69 minutes